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Name: Amy
Age: 14, I'm a youngin =]
Location: San Diego, Ca
Hobbies: I'm a theater geek, I'll admit it.
Music: Metal, Rock, Emo, and musicals..metal and musicals...I have odd taste.
TV: Conan O'Brien and I am also a huge Survivor fan...I have only missed two episodes. I need a life.
Movies: Donnie Darko, In American, Napoleon Dynamite, Eternal Sunshine, Hangman's Curse, the list could go on and on...
Books: Wicked is my favorite. Stargirl is another. I don't know. I don't typically read books other people have heard of so I'll stop there.
Picture of yourself: I'm a realy odd person, sorry that those pictures are huge =/. My computer won't let me resize them currently.
Link to your photobucket:

Sorry to bore ya =P

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